new generation hybrid welding machine

  • Speed of operation
  • The highest quality of junctions
  • High durability
  • Numerically controlled process
  • Low costs

WeldOne™ technology is an innovative plastic elements join solution.

Worktech solution is perfect for the sectors that need uncompromising plastic elements junction technology and, at the same time, want to significantly reduce costs, increase quality and durability. Such sectors include: automotive, household appliances & audio/video devices, medical, and electronics sectors.

WeldOne™ system description

Plastics are everywhere. Cars interiors, home appliances, things we use evere day – almost everything is made of plastic. Most of these items are not homogeneous wholes, they are complicated shapes created by a junction of many elements.

Joining plastics is not an easy task - the process must be fast, safe and repeatable. The weld has to last for many years even in case of very small items.

These elements cannot disconnect during many thousands of cycles of squeezing, twisting, shearing, shaking, temperature and other adverse factors.

Currently, two main plastic elements welding technologies are used:

  • HotPin – the traditional thermal welding method, based on resistance elements – it is cheap, but its efficiency is low;
  • Ultrasonic – the method of welding with vibrations of frequency of 20-40 kHz – quick but expensive.

Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Slow and cheap or quick and expensive.

The compromise between mentioned technologies is WeldOne. It provides performance similar to ultrasound at a cost comparable to traditional thermal methods.

WeldOne™ ensures the efficiency similar to the one of ultrasounds, while the costs of the solution are comparable to those of the traditional thermal methods.

7 advantages of WeldOne™ solution

When compared to the competition, the WeldOne solution has 7 advantages which ensure the possibility of welding plastics with one universal tool.


Welding time is comparable to the time of ultrasound welding process


Low costs of purchase and exploitation, close to those of the traditional HotPin method


The precise control of the welding process parameters: temperature, time and force


The self-cleaning function eliminates time-consuming manual cleaning of heating elements. WeldOne provides continuous operation without any downtimes


Regardless of the type and shape of the joined material, everything can be done within single welding process


The junctions created with the use of our device are solid and durable


WeldOne enables welding together many types of different materials as well as elements made of the same material

The presentation of join plastic elements with WeldOne™ technology

The examples of junctions of the plastic elements used the most frequently in industry.

WeldOne technology makes it also possible to join particular plastic elements together.

WeldOne™ process

Due to:

  • high temperature dynamics
  • active cooling
  • precise control

the welding process of connecting is quick, reliable and repetitive.

Depending on the material, which is to be pressure welded, the process lasts from 10 to 15 seconds.

6 steps of the welding process


Transport towards the element to be connected

Moving of the heating head down, until the moment of contact with the welded surface


Pressing and heating of joined elements

Pressing down the heating element and start of the heating and melting process of joined elements


Durable joint of welded elements

Melting and mixing of material within the welded area


Cooling of welded elements

Dynamic cooling of welded elements. Solidification of the created weld


Moving away of the heating element

Weld ready, working item returns to its initial position


End of the process

Further cooling of the heating element down to operating temperature

Basic technical information

Technical data:
Heating dynamics ~200o C/s
Cooling dynamics ~200o C/s
Maximum power 400W
Maximum temperature of the heating element 800o C
Tool force range adjusted to the application

Examples of applications

WeldOne™ can be used every time plastic elements has to be joined, in particular in the following sectors:

Automotivejunction of all elements of all cars interiors elements made of plastics,

Household appliances & audio/video devices – assembly of devices enclosures, fixing of components,

Aviation – permanent connection of plastic elements of cabins, seats, containers or other equipment,

Medical – to ensure aseptic joints of medical equipment or make secure closure of the vials,

Packagings – maximally effective seals of plastic packagings,

Sport equipment – wherever there is a need to join many elements or layers without the use of screws or glue,

Clothing and shoes – junction of many layers of materials in a sandwich structure (e.g. soles of shoes)


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