Scope and rules of cooperation

Ensuring good relations is to us one of the most important business rules, because there can be no good cooperation without partnership. We try to offer services and solutions of highest quality and fair prices.

We build long-term relationships, therefore we treat all of our customers as partners, we want to hear your opinion and we treat criticism as a good lesson on our way to perfection.

Wide range of services

We offer the services of the highest quality, in line with customer’s expectations. We carry out both the easiest works (CNC machining) and the complex projects of tools and machines.

Quality control

The products we construct are subjected to rigorous quality control and are covered by the highest quality guarantee.


The communication with a customer constitutes to us the key to success. If problems emerge, we talk about them. This is why we put such a great emphasis on communication.


We try to offer our customer good value for money.


As we ourselves transport the products, we control the supply process. We are always on time.

Simple rules

We operate in accordance with an agreement. No surprises!

We take care of the customer's interests


Economic calculation

Technical solutions and quality as well as economic calculation are equally important in the products we develop. For that reason, we put great emphasis on the optimization of project implementation process, especially regarding the value for money we offer.



We do not limit ourselves to the areas in which we already operate, we develop our services within new areas and expand our competences to ensure the satisfaction of present and future clients.



Every stage of cooperation and production projects is being analysed in order to optimize production steps and the process itself.

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