CNC production

We provide services in respect of the serial parts production. Thanks to a state-of-the-art machinery stock, we can fulfil orders for many branches of industry.

Using professional CAD/CAM software and CNC numerically controlled machines, we can construct non-standard parts of very complicated shapes, in accordance with the provided documentation.

We fulfil both orders for one item and orders involving medium-sized series production.

Service details

We can subject to treatment various types of materials, including all types of metals and plastics, we will be happy to carry out projects related both to small and large production series.

Worktech has a state-of-the-art CNC machinery stock at its disposal - numerically controlled machines that enable cutting, turning, milling, bending and drilling.

Our offer

Our offer is addressed to the persons that manage production, managers of sales departments, engineers and other persons expecting technical support in the following areas:

  • the productions of details, parts, elements and tools on the basis of the provided technical documentation,
  • production of elements from steel, aluminium, brass and plastics,
  • reproduction of provided, worn-out parts
  • copying of elements
  • technical support and consultations, depending on the needs

In respect of Numerically Controlled Machining (CNC - Computerized Numerical Control), we offer, i.a. the following services:

CNC turning

Thanks to high quality CNC turning lathe, we may meet the highest and the most atypical expectations of our customers as regards precise numerically controlled turning. We have high-class turning devices at our disposal and thanks to the highly qualified team, we can ensure the greatest accuracy and precision in respect of shape and dimensions.

CNC milling

Use of numerically controlled milling machines enables extremely precise treatment of material by a wide range of cutters of various thickness and shape. The details we create are characterised by a perfect shape, repetitiveness and perfect precision of production.

CNC thread cutting

Our equipment enables precise, quick and repeatable threading of various plastics and materials. We specialise in creation of internal and external threads, the parameters of which are always in compliance with the individual needs of our customers.

CNC drilling

Taking into consideration the satisfaction and various needs of our customers, we offer CNC drilling in various plastics and materials and we guarantee perfect precision and repetitiveness. Our numerically controlled driller machines enable drilling holes of typical and non-standard parameters and perfectly smooth edges. In everyday work, drills of various type are used, which enables making perfect holes, regardless of the type of the material subjected to treatment.

We subject to CNC treatment materials of many different types, for instance: Titanium, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, plastics, etc.

Production of elements and cutting of metals takes place with the use of leading-edge technology of numerically controlled laser cutting.

Our laser cutting devices enable cutting out any shape of any material, in accordance with the provided CAD/CAM drawing, no matter how complicated the shapes are.

We may cut out items of various thickness, shapes and dimensions and the automated treatment process ensures quick fulfilment of an order and provision of the ordered item, lowering the production cost and enabling quick start of production of subsequent elements.

Our advanced, numerically controlled services of water-jet cutting of materials enable cutting out of complicated shapes from many different materials, with exceptional precision and staying within very tight tolerance. We use computer-controlled water jet cutting machine, which enables cutting out of shapes with an accuracy of 0.2 mm in even 1mm thick material.

Water-jet cutting may be used for the purposes of cutting out shapes from pieces of steel, granite, wood, aluminium, plastic, acrylic glass, foam or kevlar. Water-jet technology enables cutting out of complex, complicated shapes, which makes it better than diamond saws, as they cut only in a straight line.

In a very short period of time, on the basis of the provided project, we can cut out a prototype shape or commence serial production. The water jet-cutting is a very cost effective way of production of components in accordance with the selected specification or standard.

With the use of a press-brake, we can bend sheets of metal of thickness of just a few millimetres and length of few meters. We have at our disposal the machines enabling bending the material in the most complicated way you can imagine.

Our devices are optimised in order to enable quick configuration and ensure a perfect balance of speed, efficiency and safety, we makes it possible to us to offer highest quality products produced with great precision, at reasonable prices.

  • CAD, including full 3D; CAM - including 3D simulations
  • Numerically controlled press-brake bending
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Metal thermochemical treatment
  • Galvanic coating
  • Plastics 3D print
  • TIG, MIG welding
  • Laser metal deposition
  • Powder coating
  • Tape cutting

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